Electrical Safety

  • Switchgear Safety’s Flexitrol™ FLX001-A01A universal remote controller is used in conjunction with RoboRack™ application specific remote racking devices and SafeSwitch™ application specific remote switching devices to provide power and user control via a remote connection. Users can choose from wired or wireless operation, as well as other optional features depending on the site needs or application requirements. Each Flexitrol FLX001-A01A controller is compatible with all application specific devices offered by Switchgear Safety so you can guarantee that you always have the right controller for the job and you never have to worry about purchasing multiple controllers for multiple devices.
  • RoboRack™ application specific remote racking systems allow operators and service technicians to perform a circuit breaker racking operation from a remote location safely outside the flash protection boundary. The RoboRack remote racking device, when paired with a Flexitrol universal remote controller, can perform a remote racking operation on a specific type of low or medium voltage circuit breaker. RoboRack systems provide a safe alternative to manual racking operations – reducing or eliminating the requirement for full-body arc flash hazard personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • SafeSwitch™ remote switching solutions provided by Switchgear Safety allow operators and service personnel to close, open, and/or charge all different types of electrical equipment and eliminating all potentially hazardous manual contact with the equipment during operation. SafeSwitch remote switching devices are available for all types of electrical equipment – including but not limited to control switches, pushbuttons, circuit breakers, motor control center plug-in units, panelboard switches, and load switches. Each SafeSwitch device is custom tailored for the customer’s specific application requirements and controlled via the Universal Remote Controller from outside the arc flash boundary.
  • Lock-Out/Tag-Out (LOTO) is a safety practice mandated by law in some jurisdictions and used in industrial settings to ensure that potentially dangerous equipment is properly shut off, isolated, or rendered inoperative prior to maintenance or other work. Switchgear Safety’s patented LOTO Pro™ lock-out/tag-out solutions are custom designed for all types of equipment – electrical and non-electrical – and, most importantly, require absolutely no modifications to the electrical equipment or enclosure. Contact us today to discuss how our innovative LOTO Pro™ line of equipment can get you compliant quickly and safely.
  • At Switchgear Safety our mission is to keep electrical technicians safe from the hazards found in their workplace – and we are always looking for new ways to help our partners achieve the highest levels of safety possible. We work every day to develop innovative and safety focused solutions for our customers’ unique problems. Our current list of custom projects includes test equipment, replacement parts, closed door racking conversions, extraction to rotary racking conversions, and built-in racking conversions. Contact Switchgear Safety today to speak to an expert about your requirements for a custom developed safety solution.


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