LOTO Pro™ Lock-out/Tag-out

LOTO Pro™ Lock-out/Tag-out

Product Code: LTP000-X00X


Lock-Out/Tag-Out (LOTO) is a safety practice mandated by law in some jurisdictions and used in industrial settings to ensure that potentially dangerous equipment is properly shut off, isolated, or rendered inoperative prior to maintenance or other work. Switchgear Safety’s patented LOTO Pro™ lock-out/tag-out solutions are custom designed for all types of equipment – electrical and non-electrical – and, most importantly, require absolutely no modifications to the electrical equipment or enclosure. Contact us today to discuss how our innovative LOTO Pro™ line of equipment can get you compliant quickly and safely.

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Switchgear Safety’s new patented line of LOTO Pro™ temporary magnetic Lock-out/Tag-out (LOTO) products allow maintenance technicians to render control devices found on potentially dangerous equipment inoperable prior to work being performed. LOTO is a safety practice mandated by OSHA and used in industrial settings to ensure that dangerous equipment is properly shut off, isolated, or rendered inoperable prior to maintenance.

The LOTO Pro line of remote racking devices offers many advantages when compared to similar remote racking systems available on the market today, specifically:

  • Covered by Switchgear Safety’s industry leading “Secure Support” lifetime warranty
  • No modifications to the circuit breaker or switchgear are required for installation and operation
  • OH&S 2019 Electrical Safety New Product Of The Year
  • Provisions for three LOTO devices (Locks, hasps, etc)
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  • Compatible with all breaker control switch models
  • OH&S 2019 Electrical Safety New Product Of The Year
  • Lockout control of potentially dangerous equipment
  • Provisions for three LOTO devices (Locks, hasps, etc)
  • Does not hinder use of remote operating equipment
  • Simple to setup with zero required modifications
  • Engaged, magnet requires over 100 lbf to remove
  • Quick to install & remove from electrical equipment
  • Zinc plated steel assembly for corrosion resistance
  • Designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA

Application List

LTP001-A01A Compatibility:

General Electric (GE) SB-1, SB-9, SB-10, SBM
Electroswitch Series 20, 24, 24P, Type W, Type W-2
Shallco Series 26
Instrument Transformers, Inc. Series 95
Allis Chalmers, Siemens, Siemens Allis Type 210
Federal Pacific Electric FPE, Federal Pioneer Electric FPE Type 80585
Kraus & Naimer Type C20
ABB, BBC, ITE Type C77
Cutler Hammer, Eaton, Electoswitch, Westinghouse Type W, Type W-2
Entrelec, Gave U25


LTP002-A01A Compatibility:

All All Push buttons & pilot devices; maximum 1.5″ diameter and 1.0″ height off panel; without flip-down cover or other obstructions

Safety Information

All documents included with Switchgear Safety remote operating devices shall be fully read, understood, and followed prior to performing a remote operation on energized electrical equipment. All safety alerts, both contained within documents and affixed to the remote operating device, shall be observed at all times when performing a remote operation on energized electrical equipment. If there are any questions regarding the contents of the documents, please contact Switchgear Safety at 888-SG-SAFETY (888-747-2338) or info@switchgearsafety.com prior to performing a remote operation on energized electrical equipment.

Qualified Person
A remote operating device is intended only to be operated by a “qualified person(s)” with relevant skills, experience, and training in the electrical industry. A “qualified person(s)” is defined by NFPA 70E-2018, Article 100 as “One who has demonstrated skills and knowledge related to the construction and operation of electrical equipment and installations, and has received safety training to identify the hazards and reduce the associated risk.” In addition to the defined qualifications, a qualified person must also be:

  1. Trained and authorized to energize, deenergize, clear, ground, and tag circuits and electrical equipment in accordance with established safety practices.
  2. Trained in the proper care and use of personal protective equipment (PPE) such as rubber gloves, hard hat, safety glasses or face shields, flash clothing, etc., in accordance with established safety practices.
  3. Trained in rendering first aid if necessary.

Electrically Safe Work Condition
The process for establishing and verifying an “electrically safe work condition” as defined by NFPA 70E-2018, Article 120.5, shall include all of the following steps, which shall be performed in the order presented, if feasible:

  1. Determine all possible sources of electrical supply to the specific electrical equipment. Check applicable up-to-date drawings, diagrams, and identification tags.
  2. After properly interrupting the load current, open the disconnecting device(s) for each source.
  3. Wherever possible, visually verify that all blades of the disconnecting devices are fully open or that drawout-type circuit breakers are withdrawn to the fully disconnected position.
  4. Release stored electrical energy.
  5. Release or block stored mechanical energy.
  6. Apply lockout/tagout devices in accordance with a documented and established policy.
  7. Use an adequately rated portable test instrument to test each phase conductor or circuit part to verify it is deenergized. Test each phase conductor or circuit part both phase-to-phase, and phase-to-ground. Before and after each test, determine that the test instrument is operating satisfactorily through verification on any known voltage source…
  8. Where the possibility of induced voltages or stored electrical energy exists, ground the phase conductors or circuit parts before touching them. Where it could be reasonably anticipated that the conductors or circuit parts being deenergized could contact other exposed energized conductors or circuit parts, apply temporary protective grounding equipment…

Safety Program Guidelines
A remote operating device is intended only to supplement an existing safety program – remote operating device use in and of itself is NOT intended to act as a standalone safety program or to replace an existing safety program. Always follow all applicable industry standards when incorporating remote operating devices into an existing safety program and note the following recommended safety program guidelines from Switchgear Safety:

  1. Each user has the responsibility to instruct and supervise all other personnel associated with preparation, installation, operation, and maintenance of the remote operating device. Furthermore, each user has a responsibility to follow all safety programs utilizing the remote operating device on all safety programs.
  2. Only supervised and qualified personnel trained in the preparation, installation, operation, and maintenance of the electrical equipment shall be allowed to perform a remote operation. It is mandatory that this document and all others included with the remote operating device be fully read, understood, and followed.
  3. Remote operation may only be performed on energized electrical equipment when users are stationed outside the flash protection boundary. If the flash protection boundary is not known, refer to the most up to date edition of NFPA 70E for more information.
  4. Electrical equipment shall be properly maintained and in good working order before performing a remote operation. Electrical equipment maintenance programs shall be in accordance with manufacturer recommendations, including service advisories and instruction bulletins. A routine maintenance program is essential for safe use of remote operating devices.
  5. Service conditions shall also be considered in the development of safety programs incorporating remote operating devices. Variables to be considered include temperature, humidity, continuous current, thermal cycling, number of operations, interrupting duty, and any adverse local conditions including excessive dust, ash, corrosive atmosphere, and animal or insect infestations.


Switchgear Safety’s line of electrical safety equipment – including remote racking, remote switching, and lock-out/tag-out products – are known the world over as the best-in-class tools which allow our customers to perform the duties of their jobs more safely and reliably. In fact, we’re so convinced that we provide the highest quality electrical safety equipment available that we’re willing to provide the industry’s first and only lifetime warranty. Your Switchgear Safety equipment is professionally guaranteed against damage or defects for as long as you own it. We do it right the first time and stand by our work forever.

You see, it doesn’t matter how it happened, whose fault it was, or when/where you purchased it. If you ever have a problem, no matter the cause, we promise to take care of you. You can count on our Secure Support lifetime warranty, the first and only warranty of its kind, for all Switchgear Safety electrical safety products.

At Switchgear Safety, we believe that we make the best product and stand behind it 100%. If what you’ve got isn’t working for you, we want to help. We are proud to be among the very few who have the confidence to offer our customers the most powerful promise available: a Lifetime Warranty on our entire line of Switchgear Safety products. Not for 30 days. Not for a year. For the life of the product.

All Switchgear Safety products are engineered to exceed your expectation and manufactured to withstand the rigors of repeated use for the practical lifetime of the product. In the event that our product fails you, either due to damage or defect, we will stand behind it and repair it at no cost to you. If we can’t repair your device, then we will replace it with one in perfect working order of equal or better condition.

With Switchgear Safety’s Secure Support lifetime warranty, our customers can guarantee that they are getting the most value out of their investment in electrical safety. Our goal is to build relationships and create customers for life, so our industry leading Secure Support warranty comes standard with every product we sell included at no charge.

Our commitment to our customers doesn’t stop as soon as they receive their products – in fact it is just beginning. We care about our customers’ safety, and they trust us with their life. It only seems fitting that we provide this warranty as a “Thank You” for trusting us.


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LTP001-A01A Product Bulletin


Product bulletin with additional information about the product and its applications.

LTP002-A01A Product Bulletin


Product bulletin with additional information about the product and its applications.

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